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Columbia-MBF, is your one source for a complete offering of electrical conduit raceway products. Our products are engineered to solve application problems, moving everyone faster from blueprint to final inspection and approval, while enhancing the performance of a building's electrical infrastructure.

Columbia-MBF, has for decades been, the most specified line of EMT and rigid steel conduit. Our E-Z Pull™ interior finish provides easier wire pulling.

Kwik-Fit™ EMT, with integral steel set-screw coupling. These innovative built-in couplings significantly reduce installation time up to 50%, and eliminate the need to purchase, store, and install separate couplings. Simply insert the plain end of the Kwik-Fit™ EMT into the coupling end and tighten.

True Color™ EMT offers a range of colour coded EMT conduit for complete and continuous identification of individual power, fire alarm, and low voltage EMT applications. True Color™ is available in eight bright colours and eliminates the need to spray, powder coat or tape in the field so installation is quicker, easier and safer.

When specifications calls for aluminum, Columbia-MBF combines light weight and corrosion resistance, providing a full line of easy to install, low maintenance conduit.

Our full line of EMT, GRC & Aluminum fittings provide a complete Conduit raceway system. At Columbia-MBF, we have solutions engineered to meet every application challenge and continue to research and evolve to serve you better.

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New Conduit Catalog
Introducing an all inclusive conduit catalog for Columbia-MBF®