Columbia-MBF is the electrical conduit market’s leader in providing Innovative Raceway Solutions to Save You Time and Money.

Our electrical conduit and elbows, couplings, and nipples are key components of the Atkore Electrical Raceway solution.  We offer a full range of steel, aluminum and PVC conduits along with elbows, couplings, nipples, and fittings.

Columbia-MBF offers the most extensive range of rigid Electrical Raceway products which deploy, isolate and protect a structure’s electrical circuitry from curb to outlet.  Columbia-MBF is a market leader that provides unmatched quality, delivery, and value by focusing on customer needs and sustainable excellence in strategy, people and processes.  Our products are strategically stocked at distribution centers across the country to provide our customers with exceptional service and allow our customers to easily co-load steel conduit, PVC conduit, and aluminum conduit: one order, one shipment, one invoice.

At Columbia-MBF we focus on innovative solutions that support the electrical industry.  Whether you are a distributor looking to improve inventory or an installer trying to be more efficient, Columbia-MBF has the solution.  Our customer focused approach has led to Columbia-MBF developing innovative products such as E-Z Pull EMT, True Color EMT, Kwik-Fit EMT, and Kwik-Couple Rigid; all focused on saving you time & money.

Columbia-MBF electrical raceway products are found in applications throughout the country.  We have standard EMT conduit and EMT elbows for commercial steel applications and rigid for areas that need more strength and protection.  For those harsh and/or corrosive environments such as waste water treatment and petro-chemical, Columbia-MBF provides a full line of rigid aluminum conduit and aluminum elbows and couplings.

Solutions for Vertical Markets & Applications

Columbia-MBF Kwik Products save time and money across construction products in most markets.

Raceway Application Shot

HealthcareIdentify Critical Circuits with True Color EMT
GovernmentAble to certify a wide range of domestic product requirements
Oil & GasSpecialty products such as Aluminum
Data Centers, Schools, General CommercialIdentify Critical Circuits with True Color EMT
IndustrialRigid conduits in a variety of material
Food & BeverageAluminum conduit when corrosion resistance is needed
Kwik Product Application Shot Kwik Product Application Shot True Color EMT Application Shot

Please browse our offerings and experience the benefits of Columbia-MBF electrical raceway solutions.

  • ARC Aluminum Conduit

    Aluminum Conduit

    Columbia-MBF aluminum rigid conduit combines light weight and corrosion resistance to provide a full-line of easy to install, low maintenance conduit whenever specifications call for aluminum

  • arc-elbows-couplings-product-image

    Couplings and Nipples

    Columbia-MBF rigid conduit aluminum fittings are manufactured of 6063 alloy in temper designation T-1.

  • arc-elbows-couplings-product-image


    Columbia-MBF aluminum elbows are manufactured of 6063 alloy in temper designation T-1.

  • True Color EMT

    True Color EMT

    True Color EMT's is available in 8 vibrant colors to provide instant identification of multiple circuit systems.

  • e-z-pull-emt-product-image

    E-Z Pull® EMT

    Quality electrical metallic tubing with the E-Z Pull interior coating. Hot galvanized steel using patented inline Flo-Coat process for long lasting exterior protection.

  • Kwik-Fit EMT

    Kwik-Fit® EMT

    Kwik-Fit EMT is manufactured from high quality steel with a built-in set-screw coupling, eliminating the need to purchase inventory, and install separate couplings.

  • Kwik-Fit Compression EMT

    Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT

    All the benefits of E-Z Pull EMT with an integrated coupling. This significantly reduces installation time, and eliminates the need to purchase inventory, and install separate couplings.

  • EMT Elbows


    90 and 45 degree EMT elbows are made from hot galvanized steel using patented inline Flo-Coat process and E-Z Pull interior coating.

  • Kwik-Couple

    Kwik-Couple® GRC

    There are no separate couplings to purchase, store, carry or install. High grade durable and ductile steel for long life and corrosion resistant exterior and interior finishes.

  • galvanized-rigid-steel-conduit-product-image


    Manufactured from mild steel, Columbia-MBF's Rigid Conduit is highly resistant to damage from impact yet ductile to facilitate bending.

  • grc-elbows-product-image


    Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit (GRC) Elbows are interchangeable with IMC and Rigid (GRC) Steel Conduits and Kwik-Couple Conduits.

  • GRC Couplings and Nipples

    Couplings & Nipples

    Rigid steel couplings and nipples are interchangeable with IMC and Rigid (GRC) Steel Conduits and Kwik-Couple Conduits.

  • Kwik-Couple Elbows

    Kwik-Couple® Elbows

    The factory installed Kwik-Couple is offered on any of the Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit in 45°, 90° and 90° Large Radius Elbows. Can be used with GRC conduits, couplings or nipples.

Kwik & Specialty Conduit

Columbia-MBF Kwik products are available in Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) and Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit (GRC). Columbia-MBF patented an innovative design which allows for a coupling or fitting to be an integral part of the conduit. This integral coupling/fitting allows installers to put together conduit systems quicker.

True Color Conduit made by Columbia-MBF allows you to quickly identify circuits. By adding a color to the top coat applied to our conduit, Columbia-MBF is able to provide distributors and installers with pre-colored raceways designed with specific circuits in mind. No more need to spend time painting Conduit in the field.

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Products by AFC: Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible metal conduits from AFC Cable Systems are available in many different options ranging from Reduced Wall to Full Wall, from Extra Flexible to extra slinky styles.

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Products by AFC: Liquid-Tuff Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit

AFC Cable Systems Liquid-Tuff liquid-tight conduit can be used in a variety of applications ranging from computer room floors to high temperature areas.

Commercial and industrial flexible liquidtight conduits come in both metallic and non-metallic options. Metallic flexible liquidtight conduit is constructed of hot dipped zinc galvanized low carbon steel core. From extreme temperature, low smoke, zero halogen, and very flexible conduits, to oil resistant high temperature conduits, metallic and non-metallic styles – AFC has the right product for your next wiring job.

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Products by Allied Tube & Conduit - Fittings

Konkore Fittings is a cutting-edge electrical fittings partner with exceptional quality and service from Atkore International. Konkore Fittings offers a stable of innovative solutions and service for all your electrical fittings needs.

We provide electrical fittings such as:

  • EMT Fittings
  • Rigid Fittings
  • Liquidtight Fittings
  • Flex, AC and MC Fittings
  • Cord Grip Fittings
  • Conduit Bodies, Covers and Gaskets
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Products by Cope

Columbia-MBF also represents the Cope brand in Canada, also a part of Atkore International. Cope is the premier manufacturer of all major categories of cable tray systems.

There is a Cope cable management solution for a multitude of projects and facilities.  The high standard of quality and distinctive features make the Cope product line the preferred choice of installers and facility owners for power and datacom systems.

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Products by Eastern Wire + Conduit

Eastern Wire + Conduit offers a host of solutions for any wiring situation you may encounter. From fiber-optics to telecommunications, Eastern Wire + Conduit products provide high quality cable protection to a vast array of industries. They will advance the most cost effective solutions for your project, from standard applications to the most sophisticated special solutions.

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Products by Power-Strut

The Power-Strut metal framing system can be regarded as a basic building material. This metal framing system is an erector set concept, using channel and fittings to solve many applications. You can conceal metal framing in the basic structure of a building or run it along the surface of walls, ceilings and floors.  An endless array of fittings provides freedom to work at virtually any angle along any surface to shape a support system that fits your exact needs.

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