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The Power-Strut® metal framing system can be regarded as a basic building material. This metal framing system is an erector set concept, using channel and fittings to solve many applications. You can conceal metal framing in the basic structure of a building or run it along the surface of walls, ceilings and floors.  An endless array of fittings provides freedom to work at virtually any angle along any surface to shape a support system that fits your exact needs.

Available finishes include hot-dipped galvanized, pre-galvanized, electro-galvanized and painted, along with material choices of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Beyond its versatility as a basic building material, metal framing is popular for more exotic applications such as clean rooms, satellite dish supports, x-ray supports, storage racks, theater screens, tunnel stanchions and offshore platform catwalks. While the uses of metal framing are truly unlimited, they fall in to three major categories: Electrical Systems, Mechanical Systems, OEM Components and Maintenance.

Electrical Systems

Versatile metal framing is widely used by electrical contractors to support conduit, panel boxes, raceway systems and other electrical components. In addition, Power-Strut® channel can be used as a wiring raceway.

Channel raceways or support systems can be attached to ceilings, wood or steel beams, inside columns or imbedded in concrete. Trapeze systems can support conduit from either the top or bottom.

As a lighting support system, metal framing helps assure proper alignment over long spans. As a raceway system, channel offers an opportunity to reduce construction costs through more efficient use of installation labor.  The exceptional versatility of channel gives contractors more flexibility in solving miscellaneous problems which may arise at the job site.

Mechanical Systems

For mechanical support of HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems, the versatility of metal framing systems is unmatched. It’s by far one of the most popular framing systems with contractors because the wide variety of fittings and support devices available help solve virtually any support problem without expensive welding.

Piping stanchions, ceiling and wall-mounted supports and tunnel supports are common metal framing applications.  Concrete insert, shelf bracket, wall and ceiling-mounted systems provide flexible solutions to any piping support applications.

In addition, pipe support products such as Power-Wrap and cushioned clamps provide insulation to prevent potential damage from noise, vibration, temperature variations and metal-to-metal contact.

OEM Components and Maintenance

Metal Framing systems provide convenient solutions for maintenance and retro-fit requirements in processing and manufacturing facilities.  Also, Power-Strut® products can be used as cost-effective components in OEM applications.  For example, channel can be used as conveyor stands and side rails or provide framing for panel cabinetry products, or for generator, motor and pump supports.

Our complete line of products and leading reputation for quality and service make Power-Strut® your practical choice for metal framing.