afc-cable-systems-liquidtightLiquid-Tuff liquid-tight conduit from AFC Cable Systems® can be used in a variety of applications ranging from computer room floors to high temperature areas.

Commercial and industrial flexible liquidtight conduits come in both metallic and non-metallic options. Metallic flexible liquidtight conduit is constructed of hot dipped zinc galvanized low carbon steel core. From extreme temperature, low smoke, zero halogen, and very flexible conduits, to oil resistant high temperature conduits, metallic and non-metallic styles – AFC has the right product for your next wiring job.

Continuous length reels are available in AFC’s non-metallic liquidtight up to 5,000 feet without seams. Seamless reels provide cost savings by reducing labor time and the purchase of additional fittings to connect lengths.

AFC’s newest Liquid-Tuff product is designed specifically for splash zones. Splash zones are areas that require regular washing, bleaching and disinfecting to prevent contamination and other hazards. AFC has manufactured a flexible rugged moisture, oil and sunlight resistant product designed to meet the demands of meat packing, restaurants, food processing, poultry packing and pharmaceutical facilities. This product inhibits bacterial growth and does not degrade when using bleach for cleaning and sterilization.

Additional options included liquidtight products that are approved for direct burial, for use in splash zones, zero halogen, oil resistant and more. The Extreme Temperature Liquid-Tuff products have a temperature rating from -60C to as high as 150C.

AFC Cable Systems® has the following liquidtight products available: