Kwik-Fit EMT

Kwik-Fit EMT is manufactured from high quality steel with a built-in set-screw coupling, removing the need to purchase inventory, and install separate couplings. At the job site, installation is much quicker and reduces material and labor costs. Clean-up after installation is simpler – with no clutter of extra couplings and empty boxes!  No separate couplings to purchase, store, carry or install.

  • Integral set-screw coupling formed on one end of each length of EMT
  • Quick and easy, two step installation
  • Labor and Material Savings up to 50%*
  • No separate couplings to purchase, store, carry or install

Plus all the benefits of E-Z Pull EMT:

  • Hot galvanized steel using a patented inline Flo-Coat process for durable exterior protection
  • E-Z Pull interior coating provides an efficient surface for speedier wire pulling
  • Outstanding mechanical protection for conductors
  • Ductility for quicker and easier bending
  • High grade mild strip steel for added strength and longer life
  • Certified to CSA Safety Standard C22.2 No. 83.1 and to C22.2 No. 18.3
  • Manufactured in accordance with ANSI C80.3
  • Available in trade sizes 1-1/4″ (35) to 4″ (103)

* Installation time varies due to job site conditions.

Installation Steps

  • Kwik-Fit Set Screw Installation
  • Step 1

    Insert plain end into integrated coupling.

  • Step 2

    Tighten set screws.

Kwik-Fit EMT has all the benefits of E-Z Pull EMT with integrated couplings. These built-in couplings significantly decrease installation time, and eliminate the need to purchase, inventory, and install separate couplings.

With Kwik-Fit EMT, simply insert the plain end of the Kwik-Fit into the coupling end and tighten the set-screws. In contrast to traditional set-screw couplings, only two screws need to be tightened.

Kwik-Fit EMT can reduce installation time up to 50%. Installation times will vary due to job site conditions.


Kwik-Fit EMT is made from our E-Z Pull EMT. The all-steel combinations result in exceptional strength, performance and an excellent ground return path partnered with the overall benefits of built-in couplings. Our superior E-Z Pull interior coating delivers easier wire pulling while reducing the coefficient of static friction.

E-Z Pull EMT is hot galvanized on the exterior with a patented inline Flo-Coat process affording long-lasting protection. This process combines zinc, a conversion coating, and a clear organic polymer topcoat to form a triple layer of protection against corrosion and abrasion.

Codes & Standards Compliance

Kwik-Fit EMT is allowed for PLENUM USE and meets the requirements of Section 2-126 of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

Columbia-MBF Kwik-Fit EMT is Certified to CSA Safety Standard C22.2 No. 83.1 and to C22.2 No. 18.3. Kwik-Fit EMT is manufactured in accordance to ANSI C80.3.


Kwik-Fit EMT

Trade SizeMetric DesignatorOutside Diameter1Nominal Wall Thickness2Approximate Weight per 100 Ft. (30.5M)Bundle Quantity
1 1/4351.51038.350.0651.6510145.8840256.0
1 1/2411.74044.200.0651.6511652.6720219.5
2 1/2632.87573.030.0721.8321698.0350106.7
3 1/2914.000101.600.0832.11349158.325076.2
1Outside diameter tolerances +/- .005 in. (.13mm) for size 1-1/4 (35) through 2 (53) +/- .010 in. (.25mm) for size 2-1/2 (63); +/- .015 in. (.38mm) for size 3 (78); +/- .020 in. (.50mm) for sizes 3-1/2 (91) and 4 (103).
NOTE: Length = 10 ft. (3.05m) with a tolerance of +/- .25 in. (6mm)
2For information only. Not a requirement of the CSA Standard.