Eastern Wire + Conduit in Canada, also a part of Atkore International®.

Eastern Wire + Conduit offers a host of solutions for any wiring situation you may encounter. From fiber-optics to telecommunications, Eastern Wire + Conduit products provide high quality cable protection to a vast array of industries. They will advance the most cost effective solutions for your project, from standard applications to the most sophisticated special solutions.

Eastern Wire holds the distinction of being a true North American leader in the development of specialty Cable Protection and Identification products and services known as CPID, especially with regards to Optical Fiber, UTP and Coaxial cables.

These products provide high quality cable protection to a vast array of fiber optic and telecommunication industries, including health care, education and manufacturing.

Eastern products are made from global sourced raw materials.  We have brought together innovation and engineering in our quality controlled factories to manufacture outstanding protective raceways.

Eastern Wire + Conduit pioneered the development of specialty protection identification products and services, especially with regards to optical fiber and UTP copper cables.

With a commitment to Engineering, Product Innovation, Quality and Customer Service Support, Eastern Wire + Conduit strives to be your partner in raceway protection.