cope-atkoreColumbia-MBF also represents the brand Cope® in Canada, also a part of Atkore International®. Cope® is the premier manufacturer of all major categories of cable tray systems.

Cope<sup>®</sup> Ladder Straight” width=”160″ height=”113″ /> <img class=Cope® products are produced to NEMA standards and range from standard commercial systems to the heaviest of industrial systems.

There is a Cope® cable management solution for a multitude of projects and facilities. The high standard of quality and distinctive features make the Cope® product line the preferred choice of installers and facility owners for power and datacom systems.

Swaged Ladder tray uses our swaging system of rung attachment. This system of attachment provides a very rigid tray without welding that is easy to handle and install. The flange out design provides the maximum access to your cables, even in narrow or divided cable trays.

Hat Rung tray provides a flange in alternative for those instances where space is critical. With the flanges turned inward, this tray can be fitted into confined spaces. Slotted rungs provide excellent cable tie down capability.

Cope® Trof provides the ultimate in cable support for your small diameter, flexible cable. With 1″ ribs located every 2″ on center, drooping of cable is virtually eliminated.

I-BEAM tray provides a heavy duty welded cable tray for clients requiring I-BEAM side rails. It is perfect for long span locations, heavy loads, and will interface with existing “I” Beam configuration trays.

Cope® Channel provides an excellent support system for those applications where only a few cables are needed. It can also be used for separation of services in ladder or trof trays.

Wire basket provides the superior flexibility and ease of installation required by data-com installations. The exclusive Kwik-Latch system speeds cable tray installation.

Cope® Glas fiberglass cable tray provides the answer to many adverse environments. Life cycle costs, long span capability and easy field modification make Cope® Glas and ideal choice for industrial, chemical, and petro-chemical facilities.

Our customer service team is available to assist with questions about application, installation, and availability of our products.

Consider Cope® for your cable tray requirements.