Allied Tube & Conduit® – Fittings is a cutting-edge electrical fittings partner with exceptional quality and service from Atkore. Our Fittings offers a stable of innovative solutions and service for all your electrical fittings needs.

Allied Tube & Conduit® – Fittings, offering many products which were previously sold by AFC Cable Systems®, provides more than 1,500 SKUs and numerous innovative labor saving products including:

Universal Super Fitting: Selected as the 2017 EC&M Magazine Product of the Year in the category of Fittings, is a revolutionary new product in the electrical industry.  Zinc plated and made from SAE 1020 steel, the 3-piece coupling has a threaded main body, a compression nut, and a serrated split compression ring.

Universal Super Connector & Universal Super 5-Piece Coupling are the two latest product innovations from Allied Tube & Conduit® – Fittings. Universal Super Connector is used to connect GRC/IMC/EMT pipe to boxes or conduit bodies. Universal Super 5-Piece Coupling is used to connect two threaded or unthreaded pipes (GRC/IMC/EMT).

Conduit Bodies are available in a wide range of trade sizes, volumes, and wire fills.  Our conduit bodies are available in eight different configurations from one port to four ports, along with ten different trade sizes

Screw-On Liquidtight Type Straight Connectors are for use with Liquidtight Flexible Metallic Conduit Malleable Iron.  Standard materials used for Konkore Screw on Fittings include: malleable iron, steel ferrule, locknut and nylon seals and bushing.

Cord Grip Fittings for securing and sealing cords or cables entering enclosures or raceways. Cord Grip Fittings are zinc plated, and made from steel, malleable iron and neoprene rubber.

Liquidtight Fittings are certified for both wet and dry locations, including buried in concrete. These products are commonly used in areas where protection from fluids and the elements are needed and where conduit flexibility is required.

In today’s competitive market, quality electrical fitting products must be backed by excellent customer service partnered with quality, innovative products.  A fast and courteous response is what you can expect, no matter what your needs are from special job quotes and product inquiries to shipping information, We are proud to serve as your electrical raceway connecting solution partner.

Find additional electrical fittings such as: